Pakistani Leaders Saving their backs! hOw ???


Recently we  have seen the development on  negotiations with Taliban’s . All of the Parties are now going Pro-Taliban that were previously seem totally against them. Keeping in mind that more than 40000 lives have been sacrificed. The question is same if Taliban did it then why all are confused on what to do. The other one is if you are going on table now then why not before giving up 40000 lives . The most important of all is what will you excuse to families of all who’ve given their lives by taking a U turn.

The answer to all questions discussed above is rather simple in our Political system. Ruling class is in Power all the way. As Taliban’s are threat to them in coming elections. They don’t want to give their precious lives to them . As they are rulers of this country and figure of 40000 is just for poor proletariat working class . They don’t care for them and their lives . Now as their own lives are at stake . They have found 100’s of means and situations and all the reasons that are pro negotiations.

” its not them its you who make them”


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