The robbery were around 23 lac but the damage was 15 crores in Lahore; whoever heard got shocked


In robbery case at Lahore Jail Road the robbers looted the total of 23 lac rupees as cash, property documents and 44 registration books of newly registered cars. The owners of the showroom complained and protesting. According to the details, the robbers came to SF motors and broke the locks in the darkness of the night and took Rs 23 lac cash ‘new vehicles’ papers and other precious goods and papers.

Showroom owner Sarfraz Ahmed lodged an FIR in Thana Litton Town Lahore where he said that when we arrived early in the morning, the showroom locks were broken when the goods were scattered. 23 lac rupees, property papers, brother’s identification card, daughter’s passport, 44 excise files of new vehicles, cheques of bank accounts and other goods were missing. Sarfraz Ahmed told the media that our another loss of 15 crore has been damaged but police is not paying attention to the FIR. The police have come once and has gone after that no one even asked us. We appeal high officials to take the notice of the incident.


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