Super Heroes of Pakistan


Have you ever heard of these three young pioneering brothers?

H.M.S Choudri was the first Pakistani Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Navy. C.M. Latif was the founder and chairman of Pakistan’s greatest industrial success story (BECO) and was assisted by his brother Sharif Choudri; BECO was an industry leader that was destroyed at the hands of politicians during nationalisation (now known as PECO — Pakistan Engineering Company). At the time of nationalisation in 1972, BECO employed over 6,000 people.

In the past almost every important visitor to Pakistan came to see the living example of the nation’s aspirations exhibited by BECO. Some of the visitors included President Nasser of United Arab Republic (Egypt and Syria), Chinese Premier Chou-En-Lai, King of Thailand and the Prime Ministers of Nigeria and Lebanon.

His Excellency Chou-En-Lai remarked: We have visited a very good engineering factory. We would send a delegation of Chinese technicians to your factory to study and to learn. I believe we can learn things that are helpful to us. I wish: Long live the friendship of the peoples of China and Pakistan.

HMS Choudri resigned from the Navy on principle (with no personal enmity) after differences on matters of defence surfaced with Ayub Khan (once marshal law was imposed). Asghar Khan was the Chief of Air Staff during this time frame.

These three men epitomise leadership, hard work, principles and discipline. They stood up for what they believed in, they were true friends to Pakistan…and then cutthroat politics destroyed these national assets.


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