Terrorism in Pakistan – Statistical View


Terrorism is the menace  that has taken the whole world into its fear.  However in last 10 years it has claimed more lives in particular countries than even the worse war torn countries. Paksitan is one of those countries in the world who has seen more deaths of its citizens due to terrorism than any other nation without being directly involve in any kind of war. Suicide bombings and maniac gun assaults have been common in Pakistan due to various reasons. The purpose here is not to be judgmental but to present the number of killings and other information in graphical format. The data used here is taken from the news and media reports as per the compilation from South Asian Terrorism Portal (http://www.satp.org/), however the analysis is made in house by MixOnline

In complete analysis, the data for 2014 is only valid till mid 6th July 2014. While the army has launched an offensive Operation Zarb-e-Azb which is expected to be successful.

Chart 1 shows the total number of deaths in Pakistan since 2003 on monthly basis. The rise of fatalities through 2007 called for operation Rah-e-Nijat in South Waziristan area in 2009. The operation has not brought the end of trend in fatalities, citing to the reason the terrorists are still using North Waziristan as their hatcheries. Government has been reluctant to go for operation in other parts of Pakistan where the terrorists are operating because of the fallout to normal public living there along with other reasons.


There has been offensive from USA in tribal region of Pakistan mainly through the Drone program. Chart 2 shows the total number of drone attacks made within Pakistan the  corresponding fatalities/injuries caused by these attacks.


Chart 3 is the summarized form of Chart 1, but on yearly basis. In addition it given a picture of number of US Drone strikes inside Pakistan alongside. On contrary to popular misconception, that the Pakistan terrorism incidents are happening in retaliation of US Drone strike is negated by this chart showing clear increase in fatalities of civilians while reduction in number of Drone attacks / casualties comparing the duration from 2010 till 2013.


Chart 4 gives a summary of suicidal attacks in Pakistan since 2002. Again, it should be noted that the 2014 data is still only till 6th July 2014. While comparing the death by suicide bombing and terrorism related incidents it is evident that the terrorists are relying less on conventional suicide missions rather hitting the targets directly since 2011.


Chart 5 gives an interesting insight from the period of 2011 till now. It gives the number of fatalities/injuries on regional basis and also indicating the population of that region. It is seen from the charts, Azad Kashimir is the most peaceful region in the country. While Sindh has been the most affected as the data also include the target killing and gang war related incidents along with terrorism. It is however important to note that despite having highest population in the country, Punjab is having lowest terrorism related incidents. Either it has been due to excellent governance of Punjab government or because of alleged public call of leaving Punjab off the targets of terrorists from the government officials time and again, this is still a question.


The following charts will show the data gathered from Chart 5 on regional level.



8-deaths-in-gb 10-deaths-in-punjab


It is to be noted that the Pakistan Army has launched an assault against militants in North Waziristan Area which is deemed necessary to bring back some kind of sanctity into the country. The triggering point of the operation is thought to be the attack on Karachi Airport in June 2014 when scores of people died in ambush (mostly security personals) along with all terrorists. This blog will be updated at the end of 2014, and the true results of this operation should be clear by then.


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