The most Hurt yet the most Hated T.I.P (This is Pakistan)


Just after the attacks on twin towers. Pakistan a developing nation comes under the pressure of Super Power. 911 is still a myth itself but we were not capable of highlighting this fact from day one. As a poor nation how could we ?, As being aided by I.M.F and World bank how could We ?, A nation funded and aided by United states how could we ? . So this is the matter of fact that due to these and many other reasons we were not capable of doing any adventure with the demands of the Super power. With that the Dictator Government in Pakistan needed a strong  back to rule the nation .All was just wrong for us and right for them . We provided support to U.S and they gave very little price for that. Musharraf was able to rule about 10 years with great price paid by people and our army.United states and N.A.T.O tried fighting the lost war but atlast with no meaningful end they are now going for peace talks with Talibans. Now the question is how are we hurt ?, There were about 3000 people killed in 911 attacks . There are no figures at all about how many casualties took place in Afghanistan with their cluster bombings. Yet they are very generous to appologise for civilian casualties,Bombings on local marriages, killing of women and children etc, As just an Ally Pakistan alone lost about 40 thousand civilian+security forces casualties since War on so called  terror. The nation where people are striving for hunger has lost about 50 billion in economic issues due to no foreign direct investment and loss of businesses and related issues. Pakistan has faced guirella warfare by its own people with the funding and interests of their rivalries and C.I.A itself. The evidence as of Raymond davis, presence of  Blackwater and presence of India in Afghanistan is quite clear. Now it seems that they are going back leaving us behind to deal with all that meaningless War as they are now able to convince us by their strategies that this War is our’s . The endless drone attacks and making our people against us is the obvious strategy for that. Some Taliban groups are being purposefully  ignited against Pakistan. They are now targetting high value military and security installments and how are they made that much capable is a question mark ?, Still doing all that and Operations in Swat and Waziristan we are nowhere in international scenario. International media is propagating all negative and misinterpreted side of Pakistan . Not only that unfortunately our own media was unable to do any good in highlighting the facts  in favor of Pakistan. they are just in a race and all that is hurting is this nation . The hated,The hurt,TIP (This is Pakistan)



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