Ufone SMS Buddies


Ufone has added another feature to its Ufone “SMS Buddies” segment, which allows you to chat with your IM friends via SMS. Developed by Simobo, a mobile VAS subsidiary, of Confiz, service offers Ufone users to stay connected with all friends on Yahoo, MSN and GoogleTalk through SMS.

How to IM through SMS Buddies?

Sign in to IM Account: Send IM <Email Address> <Password> to 9393
E.g. IM [email protected] pas123

After the service signs you into the account, you will be prompted to save your account. It is recommended to save your account, since it makes singing in quicker for next time. Once you are logged in you can chat with your IM contacts just like you would send an SMS.

View Online Friends: To see available friends list send, IM Friends to 9393.
Retrieving saved IM Account(s): To retrieve list of your saved accounts, simply send IM ACC to 9393;
Login to saved IM messenger account(s): Send IM ON to 9393
Log out of all IM Account(s): Send IM OFF to 9393
Removing a Saved IM Account: To remove messenger account(s) from the saved list, send the following commands to 9393:

IM Remove All
IM Remove <Email Address>

E.g. IM Remove [email protected]
Help: To get help for the IM service, send HELP IM to 9393
Pricing:   All SMS sent to 9393 are charged at Re. 1 plus tax



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