Winner of the Lost War


The meaningless and endless war going on in Afghanistan proved the fact that history repeats itself. Another super power of time Russia had same results as of America and NATO facing now,they are going nowhere. The results of this are little different indeed. Through their media and their long term planning they are able to convince Pakistan as this is our’s war which isn’t at all. Through their planted CIA agents like raymond davis and presence of blackwater they are able create such a situation that we have no other option left. With our leadership having more important issues like protecting their blackmoney made their plan more easier. With 48 countries of NATO they are not able to control Afghanistan except some areas of Kabul Pakistan endorsed this War.

40000 Army and Civilian casualties are given by Pakistan alone in this War. while no serious consecuences are faced by these Nations. Reasons are obvious that they have already made Visa policies strict and enhanced their security. Secondly they are able to train our own people against us. Thirdly the poor and incompetent leadership cannot run this country without their Aid. all VIP’s are enjoying the higher fool proof security while common people and our army is easy target for them. They are not that rich to get Visas and go to America and Eurpeon countries rather the Pakistan’s War against us is their coolest and easiest Target. We are enjoying our war by sacrificing our people while they are planning to just get rid of it.

There is a general perception that they have lost this war. but the reality is they won this war by turning its direction towards already struggling Pakistan. They are able to make their perceptions imposed on us. They are able to acheive safe exit from Afghanistan. On ground they are Lost but strategically they are able to make strong hold in some areas to further interventions in Iran to watch closely developments in China and by providing safe heavens to India they are able to slice Pakistan in future. Now the ball is in our court how to get rid of this meaningless so called War on terror. We have to decide what we have to do to our own people. We have to prevent our people to be used upon us. They have done what is god for them. Unfortunately we are still ambiguous how to handle it. We do not have to just criticize them but to make our own long term plan for better and strong Pakistan. We are ready to sacrifice anytime for our nation but we have to decide for whom ? for ourselves or for them ? . U.K.Shirvanee


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