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Zalmi Ummrah Ke Baad Ganjay Hoon Ge

زلمی عمرے کے بعد گنجے ہوں گے پشاور زلمی کے مالک جاوید آفریدی نے کپتان ڈیرن سیمی کی جانب سے جیتنے کی صورت میں گنجے...

National Athem In Gaddafi Stadium The Moment Every Pakistani Want To Watch

The decision to this effect was taken in consultation with cabinet committee on law & order and other provincial and federal security institutions. Presiding over...

Look Where Sheikh Rasheed Is Sitting In Gaddafi Stadium

Sheikh Rasheed finally arrived at Gaddafi Stadium he straight come to Awami enclosure he was holding 2 tickets of final one worth with 12000...

Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Name Will Be Changed Before PSL Final

Former Pakistani Women Team Coach Basit Ali said that it is thinking in Gaddafi Stadium that before PSL Final its name will be changed...

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