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Terrifying Tweets of Pre-Army Israeli Teens

On Thursday, July 10, I entered the Hebrew word for "Arabs", ARAVIM, into Twitter and searched for uses of the word over the previous...

The Third Gaza War

After almost a month of tensions with Hamas in Israel due to the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teens in the West Bank;...
An elderly displaced man carries a sack of rations on his shoulder. The Pakistan Army has distributed 30,000 ration packs of 110 kg each. Credit: Ashfaq Yusufzai

Here Are the Real Victims of Pakistan’s War on the Taliban

PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Three days ago, Rameela Bibi was the mother of a month-old baby boy. He died in her arms on Jun. 28,...

No money to compensate militancy-hit tribesmen

PESHAWAR: Although the scourge of militancy has resulted in the destruction of 58,312 houses in three tribal agencies of Fata, yet the question about...

Nuclear Technology to be bought from China- Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif who is going to be the next prime minister of Pakistan, sought civil nuclear technology to overcome Pakistan’s energy crisis during a...

Slap on face of Americans : Syrian Rebels Post Image of Burning U.S. Capitol

As debate grows over the extremism of some armed factions battling to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, an incendiary illustration on the Facebook...

What Might an India-Pakistan War Look Like?

TOWARD THE END of his presidency, Bill Clinton argued that Kashmir, the territory disputed by India and Pakistan, was 'the most dangerous place in...

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