Ownership Change of Ported Numbers: A deep mystery


According to the defined regulations on Mobile Number Portability by PTA there is strict instructions that the ownership of a ported number cannot be changed. Many MNP customers had to face the consequences of the regulation. This has been confirmed from almost every Telecom operator and they have refused to change ownerships of Ported Numbers “as per PTA rules”.

But I was very shocked and amazed to find that Zong is offering this facility. Their both franchise and the help-line say that this is no big deal now as PTA has given relaxation on this issue and that they were sent the official email allowing them to do so. Although I was unable to get any copy of the PTA regulations both original and amended, I am forced to think that being such a large company, Zong cannot take such a risk to go against PTA regulation keeping its employees’ jobs and its own business at stake, even when its website still says that “According to the PTA regulations ownership of a ported number cannot be transferred.”
All the operators need to look into the matter and get it resolved for the benefit and ease of their customers


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