PTCL losing broadband customers due to weak after sales services


For the last couple of days, I have been facing problems with my PTCL broadband. It happens that connection to the PTCL server gets disconnected very frequently and restores itself after a long delay. I have tried to contact the customer support center several times, but, every time I hear a constant voice recording, dial 1 for Urdu and Dial 2 for English. It keeps repeating even I waited for 30 odd minutes. It was really pinching.

I had the IPTV installed as well. Initially I was happy to have it and almost convinced people that they should go for this service due to the quality and lots of entertainment options in it. But in just two months I got tired of it as PTCL never bothered to update its database; they did it very rarely, but with some very obsolete programs and movies. Few weeks later, the Set Top Box stopped receiving the signals and when I tried to contact their customer center, it was the same lady and her sweet voice asking me to press the same buttons like a fool.

Though IPTVI did not affect my daily course of actions but this time it was data. I refreshed the Huawei modem several times but never got my service back to normal. I convinced myself that it was some modem problem and refreshed the Huawei modem several times but never got my service back to normal. I decided to replace the modem myself and return the IPTV equipment as well.
When I reached PTCL’s office at Egerton Road, Lahore, I was surprised to see a long queue of annoyed customers already present in the premises waiting to return their modems and IPTV (Set Top Boxes). When asked why everyone was feeling bad about PTCL, almost everyone complained about the bad customer services.

A customer Rehan Ahmed told, “My connection is not working for last one week and despite of various attempts at the call center, I am here to let the company know my personal experience and return my equipment”.
Another customer Asif Ali said, “although PTCL is providing very fast internet, my DSL connection was working superb for the last couple of months but now it is causing problem all the time lights are blinking and searching for DSL connection, I tried to call PTCL support staff and they are not there to help me, so I came here to get rid of this.”

Major complaints were from the customers who had “Shiro” modem installed. Even the PTCL staff was of the view that “Shiro” modems are troubling a lot. We found the PTCL representative seriously noting the feedback from every Ex-customer. But I believe it was too late. During all conversations, faces kept changing but the complaints were all the same. But despite of all the odds, I am not changing my connection as there is no substitute to wired broadband and especially PTCL has remained flawless during all the months other than the customer services.


  1. I was facing problem too i had 4mbps connection but same issue blinking light and frequent disconnection made me to get rid of worthless service…. using witribe now its good… 🙂

  2. no doubt that ptcl is the largest company in telecommunication sector, but they are really facing after sales service issue badly due to this customers are getting edgy. ptcl should have to corporate with customers and get them better services if they want to be on top of the list.

    Khizar Khan

  3. Very True, happened same with me, I am an Overseas Pakistan and was on leave for two months in Pakistan. in two months, hardly some days I can say that PTCL Broadband was stable, after every 10-15 minutes it was loosing the connectivity. I complained almost 15 times a day and sometimes I acknowledge that i was very rough in words, but Shabaash to PTCL and its staff, they don’t care.

    Rehan Hyder
    [email protected]om


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