Samsung Galaxy Series with Amazing Features


The Samsung has always been popular for its electronic devices such as LED televisions, DVD players and many other devices as well but it was not very famous in the global cell phone market. Few years back Samsung shook hands with Google for adopting Android OS for their upcoming series of smart phone and now we know that the Samsung Galaxy series is one the most popular series of smart phones in today’s time. Surely the high end smart phones of Galaxy series are pretty expensive but they truly worth each and every penny because these smart phones contain everything you need in a phone to call it smart.

The range of latest Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan

If you will go through the internet and search for Samsung mobile rates in Pakistan then you will only get to see latest Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan of the Galaxy series as no other Samsung phones are available and also because the Galaxy series is definitely the one for which Samsung is known in the local market of cell phones.

The cheapest Samsung smart phone that is currently available in Pakistan is Galaxy Star which costs only Rs.8750. Its specs are not very high but still it is a good option if someone wishes to use a branded Android phone in an affordable price. The most expensive of the Samsung Galaxy products is Note 3. It is a tablet kind of smart phone that costs Rs.70000. It is the smartest cell phone that is currently present in the global market.

The problem users face with Samsung mobile rates in Pakistan

The users of Samsung smart phones often complain about one thing that whenever a new Galaxy product is launched, the Samsung mobile rates in Pakistan of the previous models fall drastically.


This thing has not been witnessed with any other smart phone manufacturer. If you are willing to buy Samsung Galaxy for a longer run then it is undoubtedly a great choice but if you are a technology freak and keep changing smart phones in a short period of time then there is a good chance that you might see a loss with it. If you keep track of  then you will get to see that every time a new Galaxy hit the stores, the old ones instantly lose 7000-10000 rupees.


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