Israel Grants Pakistan Visa Free Access



Tel Aviv – The Immigration Department of Israel announced today that it will grant all Pakistani Passport holders visiting the country visa free access for a stay of up to 120 days. This announcement comes in effect on 10th September 2014 and will continue until the Israeli Department of Immigration lifts the visa free access. The Israeli government spokesperson said “This shows the love Israel has for the Pakistani people. We would love for them to visit us and see for themselves that we are not waging a war in Gaza and infact it is Hamas which is brutally attacking Israelis. Any Pakistani with a ‘valid Passport that allows them to visit Israel’ is welcome to visit and we shall treat them to the best of hospitality.”

obama and israel president netanyahu

The decision was met with tremendous appreciation from the international community who see this as a sign of Israeli generosity and resolve to mend diplomatic differences. The President of the United States Barack Obama was quoted as saying “Israel has granted Pakistan visa free access despite knowing that Pakistan is a terrorist state. Now terrorists from Pakistan can easily travel to Israel on ‘Passports that allow them’ and see for themselves the kindness of the Israeli government and their brotherly attitudes towards the Palestinians. This is huge step by Israel towards curbing terrorism.” The UK, Australia and Canada also welcomed the gesture by offering Israel monetary aid for such peaceful anti-terrorism methods.

pakistani passport banning israel

The Pakistani Foreign office responded by stating that it is a terrible joke by Israel because the Pakistani passport is not valid in Israel and no one can actually visit Israel despite having a valid Passport. However the comments were ignored by the international community and Israel.

Note: This story is SATIRE



  1. Musalmano! Apna dushman aor yahodi chehra pehchanlo…
    Why Israel shows that kind of fake love towards Pakistan? Answer as simple
    To decrease negativity of Pakistanis towards Israel and also their love or support for Palestine. Because when it comes to gaza people of Pak always revealed Israel’s real face in front of whole world. On social media, electronic media and came out in streets for supporting Palestinian bros/sis. So Pakistan is the only nation which is politically and ideologically believe the non-existent of Israel on map, it belongs to Palestine and it is occupied Palestine.
    InShaAllah ek din Pak Air force Irael ko tukry tukry karega….

  2. “We don’t consider Israel as a state so we don’t require a passport to visit” SIMPLE AS THAT.. and there will be soon time we will coming and that too without any need of Passport..

  3. i want to go and i want to see Masjid e aqsa i want to see lots of things in Israel. i hate israel but i love to see my islamic things which is in israel now. i hate israel govt. but not civilians. if any one have more information regarding this kindly contact me and let me know here is my email address [email protected]

  4. we dont need any visa or love from Israel …Nothing ..yeh wohee hain jinhonay Pakistan k atomic system ko tabha karnay ki koshish ki thi .. :@

  5. In our past in our future izrael will never get any sympathy from us .we remember and know them as a blood sucker jackal of all Muslims

  6. dont worry isralies . we well come all pakistani in isralie with my all army and best spy agency ISI. THEN we take over the GRANT MOSQUE AQSA..

  7. sorry Israelis if there is another option of Hell, i would love to chose hell rather than choosing Isreal. you people are sick occupier killing innocent civillians childrens men women. you guys came from nowhere and occupy Palestine with the help of British and americans. dont worry after your massiah, inn shaa ALLAH Imam Mehdi A.S and Hazrat Eesa A.S will kill him and you guys will also be killed. just wait for the time it will come very soon.

  8. First point there is no such country as israel may be a new discovery but not yet familiar with it.
    Second point visa free shit please refer to the first point.

  9. Jews gave their girls to arabs, indulged them in sex and then grab their land. But despite being the chawal nation, we would not accept israel…thats why, however we are in bad shape, corrupt state of mind and least tolerance position, but there are some good people in Pakistan, whom Allah loves a lot and therefore the nation and country is still intact. This is the country wished by Prophet Muhammad (SAW)……I hope, soon we will covert ourselves in a nation who will be muslim based instead of geography based. Pakistan paainda bad…Pakistan Zinda abad…….

  10. my N G O working in whole world & world famous NGO memembers wanna visit Israel , my NGO important object needy peoples & food and madecial service & for everyone ISRAELI Peoples ..

    • hey don’t forgot to take your sis along with your self ,,,,,,otherwise she would be deprived from her legitimate right to taste dicks of different communities

  11. I have a plan, we should load up all these war lunatics in a ship and send em to Gaza. All these people who wants to fight and kill in the name of religion should be given opportunity.. get all the civilians out of Gaza and load Gaza up with these people who wants to fight and thn let Israel do its dirty work….

    Its sad to watch that we as humans, trying to kill each other for the land that might not even hold our graves. #shameful

  12. What Pak army grow up man Pak army don’t give 2fucks about there on country due to Pakistani government never mind Gaza or other and besides this they r too much busy licking aurces of US

  13. Its a funny post by General AAM. However, i don’t agree with my fellow commentators below who state that we cannot act against Israel. We have acted against USSR, USA, India and Tamils in the past. We could surely do something for the Palestinians and Hamas-atleast provide them with something better than just kitchen made fireworks (so called rockets).For instance a few anti tank and anti aircraft missiles, a couple of mortars may be…. However, for this we would have required the neighbouring Arab countries support.

  14. Badly written satire. The author should know that Israel already allows Pakistanis in anyway, giving visas on arrival quiet often. So the joke falls flat.

  15. hahaha.israel.. opened a new gateway for attacking pakistan directly…no ways….israel is a terrorist state and look what the father of our politicians(obama) is saying that pakistan is a terrorist state,.shame on you pak politicians.even after licking their feet, you still remain a terrorist nation leader.what a huge joke from israel is this. a country whose mission of being established is to destroy the muslim world is opening new gateways for it’s most worst enemy ./hahahaahah.what a joke…. pakistani’s are fools but not such big fools that they will become friendly with their worst est enemy..fuck israel….israel a nation who has a credible threat of being vanished from the map of the world due to pakistani attacks is trying to make pakistani’s generous towards itself by opening visa the way i’m so disappointed towards the pakistani foreign affairs office and ministry that they’ve just stated a single(and a stupid) reason as a reply that the pakistani visa isn’t valid for israel……. everybody knows this……. you people should have stated the complete details and reasons that why pakistan hates the establishment of israel and doesn’t wants to keep diplomatic relations with it

  16. Earlier israel is training terrorist and sending them to Pakistan via indiaIndia now Israel train terrorist and send them to Pakistan.
    May Allah bless Pakistan.

  17. AOA. Being a pakistani,my suggestion to our prime minister should take an serious action to help palestine people. Pakistan air force can do it. Our prime minister should send our Lion Heart pilots to answer israel on behalf of palestine muslims, that they are not alone. Like wise in past when few Pakistani pilots flew in F16 from turkey base, cowered israel immediately came on table talk, they know very well how PAF pilots are capable to destroy israel easily and accurately. Come on Nawaz sharif this is a time to rule on Pakistan for life time. Allah gives U an oppertunity, to become a brave prime minister as well as brave muslim leader too. Decession is in ur hand. We are atomic power with brave army. Put ur name in golden words, instead of answer able infront of Allah……

  18. Pakistan army cannot even fight a decent war with India, being beaten thrice and ceceeding lots of land to India, let alone fight Israel.

  19. i want to visit Tel Aviv with MY Ak-47 and 100 Round Ammunation and stun grenades with C4 and Claymores think Like COD mw2 Russian Airport visited by Makarov

  20. There are many issues here.
    1. Its a joke
    2. Who is going to issue the visa? the US embassy?
    3. We know US is 100% behind the attacks and yet if given the chance 99% of us would sell our souls for a green card.
    4. India is doing the same thing and yet the Arabs have connections with them.
    5. If you don’t have connections with the enemy you cannot fight them. You cannot fight for the Palestinians diplomatically.
    6 They are in control of Masjid-e-Aqsa, Only chance to see it.

    7 Last but not least………


  21. انشاءالله Pakistan Army will come to visit you on “Free Access” and the u ll get our best hospitality services!!

    • It’s better if they can visit the land lost in Kashmir and siachin and East Pakistan first. The land they lost due to their own stupidity and greed.

  22. Its a strategy of Israel to divert people of PAKISTAN. They know PAKISTAN is the only country who has the capability to destroy Israel ..

  23. It is because Pakistanis were sent to Syria, Iraq to wage war against muslims. Israel knows that Pakistanis will come to Israel also and they can be rented out for any thing

  24. To all my dear fellows, it’s a SATIRE…!!! Did you read? No, you just jumped out of your seat to post an angry comment. Calm down and feel the satire, please!

    Note: Satire means the use of humor, irony or ridicule to criticize people’s stupidity , especially in the context of politics or issues.

  25. We hate these Fucking Zionist Bastards. These asshole state is destined for hell. Mother fuckers will soon die their on death. Brutal bastards. The worst creatures on this planet.

  26. Definitely a fake article!

    “The President of the United States Barack Obama was quoted as saying
    “Israel has granted Pakistan visa free access despite knowing that
    Pakistan is a terrorist state. Now terrorists from Pakistan can easily
    travel to Israel”

  27. Israel is a stupid terrorist occupied territory we even don’t like to give our shit to israel.we will come there only to do war with you bastards and soon we will come and conquer for our Palestinian brothers we will take revenge because Arabs have no balls to do that only turkey iran and pakistan can do if the want


  29. Still not visiting the terrorist state… We Pakistanis maybe a lot of things but honestly don’t think that we are that stupid. Thanks but no thanks

  30. Pak Army will go to Israel because when they conquer they don’t need valid passport. Palestinian brothers and sisters we are with you and inshaAllah coming to you

    • Act in sensible manner, Do it voluntarily is you have courage. Why dont you ask Saudi Army and UAE army and Afghan army?

        • if pakistan army has to choose between ummah and pakistan. it will choose pakistan in a heart beat. it is first and foremost a nationalist organization with specific objectives of safeguarding its own territory and it is highly unlikely for it to jeopardize that for “outsiders” such as gazans.

          • lol dude last time there was a war between middle east and israel, pakistan was the only country who managed to tak away the air superiority israel had, they shot down more isreali planes in 5 days then what all the other arab countires shot down since israel was made… right now pakistan is in a state of war so we cant spare army for bullshit wars cause we dont really have any access to palestine and the middle east is not going against israel. as far as protecting the ummah goes, we do not have a caliph, only a caliph can declare a war for the ummah… and its always going to b a priority to save your own mother and daughter before you help your brother

        • mine are grown shalla, sirf tumarey liye hay, inhey masloo, pyar do, khayal rakho, akhir yahi tau hay tumari zindagi ka khowab pora karne ki waja jo tumhey pregnant karega inshallah

      • Dawood is right. Pakistan is not in position to fight against Israel, America & UK. Ppl have become so stupid who are saying we should send our army. First Pakistanis need to solve their own issues before jumping in another war, as we did in WOT and still we are terribly suffering and world knows Pakistan as a Terrorist state due to giving full hand to US against Afghan.

        • Kashif for Allah Almighty sake just know ur history first from the period of Prophet (AS) when were the muslims ready and when they were in good numbers when they face the enemies in War.Even till now .So plz dont say Pakistan cannot face any of the countries u mentioned above except israel coz we still believe its not a country,

          • My Brother Wakar, if you just study the statistics, you will discover to your utmost astonishment that israel is a damn bullshit country. Our claim that we do not take it as a country bear no fruits. It were the Palestinians themselves who made this a country by selling their land to the zionists. Egypt is a muslim country and it has recognized israel and so has Turkey and jordan. BUT PLEASE DO NOT MIS-UNDERSTAND THAT I AM ADVOCATING TO ACCEPT ISRAEL…uless the Ummah mends its ways, no measure against israel is going to be effective. This is what I am trying to express.

      • well said Dawood bhai. These arab don’t give a dam to whatever happening in Pakistan and even we saw them when we were at war with Indians they support India much then us. What Palestinian r facing is because the Hamas made tunnels they don’t they live in peace & accept Israel. This isn’t our business Pak army must take care of Pakistan only.

      • The ppl who agree with Dawood has the same mind as MUSHARRAF who lay down on one call of America about making Pakistan TORA-BORA…
        What is happening now in PAKISTAN even with standing with America????

        We forgot our Prophet’s statements about MUSLIM OMMAH, about JIHAD so stay cool and wait for your and your childeren’s turn…

      • Mister this is just a lame excuse because Just remember that what was the size of muslims against qufars in ghazwa ohad and just think that the jews are just 0.2 of worlds population and WE Muslims are 35 percent of worlds population but you say we do not have power to fought a war you do not need to have power you nedd to have spirit to fight and to get spirit you nedd to be a man

        • Rana G…how many in Pakistan claim that they have the same flame of IMAN in their hearts???? What about you…can you claim this??????

    • Pakistan army cannot even fight a decent war with India, being beaten thrice and ceceeding lots of land to India, let alone fight Israel

      • You need to develop some knack for serious education, not some Fox News or New York Times kin`of knowledge.

        Pakistan Army has NOT been defeated even ONCE, yes I repeat even ONCE, what to talk about “thrice”. Study how few political blunders decisions let the Army took that fall for them.

        I think, when you finally decide to be a serious fact-finders, I will just recommend you to first study the resource ratio of both armies and then loss ration. You should get a fair picture of the events. If still not, please wait till next September 2015.

        A Whispering Eagle

      • who said u pakistan lost three battles?? go and read the correct articles and history. Even if u think pakistan lost three battles such as 1948, 1965 and 1971 u are explicitly wrong yes we lost 1971 but 1948 and 1965 are ground proof that its has been won by pakistan.

    • As a Pakistani, stop being an arab slave and please shut your mouth.

      Israel never harmed us. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by becoming their friend.

      • yup brother they haven’t harmed us yet,,,,,isreal have only felicitated Indians during 1965 war ….they have just sheared military intelligence with Indians in 1971 war…..they try to destroy the nuclear Assessts in 1987 and the happy and romantic story continues and in kargil war they pin point our strategic locations through their latest satellites to inidian …….how romentic story is that ,,,,,,perhaps we should call isreals your sis in laws

        • Because you arab slaves openly say you will harm israel. Do you know how much Israeli technology you are using right now? How much israeli technology the agriculture industry in pakistan uses?

          Lekin tum log hamesha arbiyon k ghulam raho ge. Kabhi dubai jao aur dekho tumse tumhare aaqa kaise baat karte hen.

          • using technology doesnt mean we shud b frnd islam forbids u from being frnd with yahood shame on all of u and to ur technology thing so they all learnt everythng from us from ISLAM yall pathetic i guess most of dont even know how to say ur prayer and talking shit about being friend with yahoods lanat hay

  31. I dont get why people are so dumb and gullible. If you check the source from where this article was taken from, it says: “General Aam News is a fictionalized, satirical publication. Its content should in no way be interpreted as an actual record of events, unless a story specifically states that its contents are an actual recording of events. These stories are also not intended to be, nor should they be construed as, attempts to predict the future course of any individual or entity, but should be viewed only as parody. General Aam News is not associated with any other news service, company, political idealogy, political party or any interest based group. Names used in General Aam News stories, unless those of public figures or entities, are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons or entities is coincidental, unintentional, and accidental. Any event described in General Aam News that actually comes to pass should also be considered coincidental, unintentional, and accidental. And pretty amazing.”

    So please stop spreading random hate.

  32. آخر مرد مجاہد نواز شریف کے
    ہوتے ہوئے اسرائیل نے پاکستانیوں کو فری ویزہ سروس کا اعلان کیوں کر دیا؟
    یہ تو کہتے ہیں عمران خان یہودہوں کا ایجنٹ ہے؟؟؟

  33. its has clearly mentioned on Pakistan’s passport that this passport is not valid for Israel, then why they are doing this ?

  34. America and Israel are the terrorist states that have been trying to annhilate the state of Pakistan by creating and encouraging terrorists groups in Pakistan by funding them and alogwith India, providing them weapons and training (TTP, BLA). Pakistan has suffered billions of dollars loss by participating in the US led war on terror. For Israel, it would be better to stop sponsoring terrorists in Pakistan than offering hospitality to Pakistani passport holders which is as ridiculous as it can be.


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