Malala Yousaf Zai on Nigerian Girls


malala on nigerian girls

To me Malala Yousaf Zai is well suspicious. Simply a political tool. This is the kid (now 17) who survived the assassination attempt by the ‘Taliban’ in Pakistan 2012..

She now globe trotting the Earth doing interviews and rubbing shoulders with leaders, even the queen, speaking out against the plight of women esp to do with Education.. yet shit continues to get worse..

She even asked Obama to stop drone striking Pakistan..

Which I’m thinking he probably said no .. But the Mirror newspaper does not mention what reaction she got from Obama… Nor does she, she just says what a joy , an honour it was to be there.. bucket please

The drone strikes started again this year.. Last month (June) .. Killing 16 ‘militants’ – As reported.

She survived being shot point blank in the head.. she got shot 3 times with a Colt .45 (American made)

Then she was supposedly shipped over the UK from a Pakistani military Hospital and made a miraculous recovery (suspicious) .. How many girls get killed in Pakistan, or even injured in the same way and get NO worldwide media attention.

I’m gonna say none.. Till now ..


  1. Malalaaaa Da Phalistinn Mashumano La kho hum Khyer La LarSha sa khabra agi la para uka ew dwa kanzala dee terrorist zinest israeli khalko la uka the most dirty people on earth..jews


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