Voices for Gaza from Ali Shan’s perspective “Raise Your Voice”

ali shan khan , voice for gaza
ali shan khan , voice for gaza
ali shan khan , voice for gaza

Today I condemn the attrocious massacre and genocide of the Palestinian muslims by the israeli Army.For I doing nothing else but condemning the scenario;moreover whatelse can I do nothing else.Those who are supposed to do and take actions are sleeping the sleep of the off season hibernation even in the summer.I hear no voice been raised for the Palestinians and Kashmris;now where are the so called champions of the Human Rights in pakistan and all over the world whenever it comes to malligne pakistan on the name violations of the human rights for a killing of a cat they can tore away the skies and earths from their voices and in the case of israel they got DEAF(sumuun);DUMB(bukumun) and BLIND(umuyun)

.Moreover in pakistan ;expecting from such people anything good from them would be my bigg est folly as they can’t risk their jobs for words agaist their master and the employement rate in pakistan is also very low.Today Hitler will be very proud of what he did with the jews as they fuly deserved it the but palestinians will never forget him and wants today one more Hitler for the jews so that they should be penalised for their brutality.Palestinians will also not forgive hitler for remaining few of the jews which he left deliberately to show the world why he killed the rest jews and today these jews have created the world a hell.

Logically i donot blaim israel for this massacre on palestinians neither the palestinians have any complains from israel because whatever israel had done in past;is doing present now or will do in the future to come it is not something new it is expected and is israel’s nature and we know nature doesn’t change.All of the traits of the israelis are mentioned in the Holy Qurran and their hostility towards muslims is clear as a sunny day and after knowing all yet ifyou complain from them then its your mistake.Jews are metaphorically considered as snake/scorpions who have the instinct to sting you if it stings you and you start complaining that scorpion have stung me its then just your mistake.
With the every shot fired on d palestinans & vd d every bomb explosion I see my name written on it “Ali Shan Khan” from pakistan bought a bullet for israel troops.When I saw this i saw myself responsible for this genocide and massacre and when I was looking in the eyes of the palestenian baby they were looking to me with an innocence on their face and helpless asking me it were you who bought israeli’s the gun by which they killed my brother.These were the words spelt by the boy and the i felt that someone have taken earth from my toes and i start shivering and turned ashamed.I sat for a while to think on it that why the boy called me a killer and then the mystery got resolved and i realized that yes I am your killer;I am your betrayer;i am your criminal and i am responsible for your genocide because i have been supporting israel for previous 21 years.I have been using the israel items like PEPSI which means “Pay Each Penny Save Israel”.

Imagine how cursed and unlucky am I when any innocent is killed with the israeli killer with every cry of the oppressed a curse is also sent to me because i am their Mir Sadiq and Mir Jaffar(traitor) of thhe day for them who even don’t know me that this muslim have backstabbed us.

These moments were the turning point in my life whenever i see the boy then i feel ashamed of myself.Instead of my religious obligation to help the oppressed brothers ;i neither helped them but i supported the oppressor against the oppressed and on the Day of Judgement (KHUDANAKHWASTA) i am afraid that i might be risen with the army of oppressors.This whole bloodshed will be on my neck because i found on the oppressors(zaalimin) side and ALLAH dislikes the oppressors(zalimin).

Today the Palestinians doesn’t need our help as what we are doing with them with the name of help backstabbing them ;they want’s that if we couldn’t help the palestinians then leave them on their own they can tackle israel byself but please do not support israel against us because they couldn’t harm us alone with your help they bomber us.
I am ashamed as I should be because i have done an unforgivenable and unwashable sin .I don’t know whether ALLAh will forgive me or not but i am dead sure that those whose relatives are bombed and whose parents are shot dead will never ever forgive me.On me the Islamic Law of Qasas doesn’t be applicable because i am single guilty of many people.How many time i will be hanged for my sins just one life and many murders to the name.For all watching me ;listening to me don’t consider yourself to be exempted from this scenarios this law and should sweep before their own door as this law holds on every human being who in his lifetime as once or anytime just contributed to the israel ecconomy through PEPSI or other israel items like hp;motorolla etc.

they are also responsible and criminal of the bloodshed but its a matter of the share they contributed to the israel ecconomy less share so he/she is less responsible and less killer else vice versa.t is not iSrael that is responsible;its i and you and all of us responsible in pakistan for the genocide who contribute israel ecconomy and a person like me who have been using the israeli’s items like PEPSI for 21 years how much massacre have been gone to my accounts immagine.My sins cannot be washed away by doing fasting of ramazan ;or doing tahajud and other nawafils at mosque.

The only way for my resurection and all of you who are involved in this sin is just to uproot the cause of the sin.I was a sinner because i supported in the past israel and my sins will washed away only now fighting against the israel by doing this i hope that ALLAH will forgive my sin after my repentence as ALLAH IS GHAFOOR UR RAHIM.I am very ashamed on what i have done and ;i was naive;unwise and din’t have the proper knowledge and i am repentent for my deeds and promise that i will never buy israel item in future IN SHAH ALLAH and may ALLAH give me the strength and persevereance to keep my words AAMIN SUMA AAMIN.
the solution for me and for every1 is just to promise today that from now on whatever happened in the past i am repentent for them and

1)will never buy israel item boycot israel items by this we can dent their ecconomy.2)i will always raise my voice for the oppressed like in palestine and in kashmir ;burma wherever they are at the different platforms through print;electronic and social media.3)if you can help these oppresed by your aids through money ;weapons or food items it will be a great help from you to them and you will be rewarded by the sawab(blessings) of jihad.4)And if you could go and help their muslim brothers in the war by participating yourself it is the best of the jihad (jihad bil saif ) and you will be given to awards here a myrtyre(shaheed) if he dies and ghazee(if he come back as winner) and the good news of jannah for here after and your sinns will be washed away .
Now i myself BOYCOT the israel items and will not use PEPSI IN SHAH ALLAH and the my dearest thing to me my laptop which also comes in the BOYCOT so i am gonna sell or replace with another.and assure that hp is not.moreover i will protest against it and as symbol will wear BLACK RIBBON to show my soliderity with palistinians and kashmiris.I am bringing a resolution in the house against the israel genocide and condemnation ..moreover a resolution in which we will demand the government to boycot the PEPSI ;HP and other israel items so that their ecconomy can be jolted.if this have hurt anyone sentiments i am sorry


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